Propuesta de Diseño y Mantenimiento de Página Web

Prepared for: Pizzeria Vulcanus
March 16th, 2018


Sharon Dearing is a driving instructor in Grimsby who will be trading on the web as "LP DRIVING". Sharon Dearing has asked (DSW Pro) - Savvy Eye Media company to assist with a new responsive website which is fully optimised for tablets and smartphones. She has asked for a clean yet intuitive design which provide pleasant user experience for visitors. The website must enable LP DRIVING to sell lessons online and also receive online enquiries.


Our initial objective is to truly understand the needs of Sharon Dearing - LP DRIVING brand and design and develop a website that will look beautiful and work beautifully. Based on the above brief, we have chosen Concrete 5 platform as it is a Content Management System (CMS) with endless ?exibilities, making it possible for the website to grow with the business. The entire website content will be hosted on our web server and will be managed by us.

Project Schedule


We will develop your site on our server and deploy each update to your live server, if you choose to be hosted by a third party hosting company. This way we can keep the development process separate from your live server.

The project will be managed by Danny Mensah using Trello or Skype to keep client informed of updates.


Based on previous projects similar to this, minimum we estimate £385.


Paypal integration (£65) 


Web Hosting for ?rst year - (£55) 


## Optional marketing modules (£200) 



(DSW Pro) - Savvy Eye Media LTD will be responsible for delivering every phase and milestone of this project. ? This includes User Interface designs, communications, hiring developer(s) and project management.


July 2017 - deposit payment £75
August 2017 - Web service  (Manage My Site) £0
September 2017 - Web service  (Manage My Site) £0
October 2017 - Web service  (Manage My Site) £0

From November onwards Web service (Manage My Site)



Please sign to agree to the terms below.

DSW Pro (Service Provider) trading as SAVVY EYE MEDIA LIMITED residing in the United Kingdom, registered in England No. 5446782, having its principal place of business at 11 Amwell Street, London EC1R 1UL.


Sharon Dearing - (The Client) has her business address at 18 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby, DN34 4PA, United Kingdom. WHEREAS

Sharon Dearing (LP DRIVING) has requested a subscription to "Managed Website PLUS" £25 Per Month for a minimum of 30 months after which she will have full ownership of the website. DSW Pro has agreed to undertake these services therefore it is hereby agreed and declared that the works as described in the project proposal will be undertaken and completed within or up to six weeks upon signing of this agreement.


Signed on behalf of DSW Pro

Full Name Danny Mensah


Date: Saturday 08th July 2017



Signed on behalf of LP DRIVING: .........................................................

Full Name: Sharon Dearing